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Trevor Hummer
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Senior in HS, taken CCNA 1 and 2 and Linux OS 1 prep-classes for LPIC-1 (Linux Professional Institute - Level 1) and CCNA (Cisco Certifiied Networking Associate). I know the basics of C/C++, Java/JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SQL and Python2, and Python3. My favorite programming language is Python and my least favorite is Java.

I have also been the programmer for the VEX Robotics EDR Competiton for one season for team 11986M. I used VexCode, a modified version of C++ to program the robot for 11986M.

I have built one home/office PC, and switched out parts often and well (for experimentation), and built a high-end Gaming PC in December of 2020.

I want to go to college for either Data Science or Information Systems, and would be interested in collegic golf.

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