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Dave Everitt
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I teach creativity through web design and development and freelance in web development and desktop publishing. Also play music, write short stories and collaborate with others to make art with technology, mainly with JavaScript and Processing. I keep an overview on emerging web technologies, am a problem solver and "creative generalist". I like using plain text source formats for content (i.e. Multimarkdown), prefer Ruby and Python but have worked on legacy PHP, can write HTML/CSS in my sleep, have co-developed in Angular and Ember, and mess with various Javascript things. I am a director of EcoVisum, who create and run live energy data visualisation software. a With my wife and co-dev we (just) manage to maintain four Debian web servers. If I'm busy I ask questions here. If not, I try to answer them. As well as various computer games, I play backgammon and am fascinated by the science of the entire natural world...

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