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I would describe myself as a fairly typical full stack .NET Developer. C# is my strength, but I have spent many years in VB.NET. My preferred stack is MVC on top of SQL Server, but have had a good introductory experience with PostgreSQL. I enjoy Javascript and CSS, but often despise having to write code in Javascript and again on the server using C#.

I live in the country and enjoy doing landscaping, woodworking, welding and tinkering around in general. I like to think that I am one of the very few developers out there to listen to .NETRocks while welding. I do not code as my hobby, it's my day job and that's enough.

People are interesting and I enjoy learning about human behavior, leadership techniques and personality traits. I enjoy writing software where I can interact with the user and get their feedback.

My wife and six daughters require a good bit of my time, but it's time well spent!

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