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I made a game where the enemies are AIs copying you from the past.


99% of all work has come through referrals. However I want to be aware of new opportunities.


I started programming videogames in BASIC at 8 years old. This led me to explore Visual Basic and pursue game design. I worked for GoPets doing Q&A & minigame design in Seoul in 2005 and worked as a Game Designer for the leading MMO technology solution, Bigworld Tech in Sydney from 2006-2008.

After returning to the USA, I taught myself iPhone development and became involved in the local Houston iPhone Developer's Meetup. I did third-party app development & entered an all-night coding competition and won with a game developed. From that, leading app development studio ChaiONE offered me a job as a programmer.

I worked there for 2 years before moving to Chattanooga to work with a startup company in the inaugral 2012 Gigtank Startup Accelerator Program sponsored by LaunchTN's CoLab. Since then I have been freelancing iPhone, Android & Backend Server development. I've worked with technologies including GPS, SMS phone services, integrating with credit card processing hardware, federal government app development, non-profit app development, debugging existing server code, leading a game development team, consulting for a software-defined concussion diagnostic tool and more.

Clients include ChaiONE, CoLab, Bluelance, Rice University, Spartan Systems, Iberon, GS&F.

I am looking for projects related to app development, technical consulting, code reviews, game design & game development. Thank you for your time reading and I look forward to working with you.

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