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Summary from my LinkedIn profile, Summary and Objectives section.

From the time I first had a computer at my disposal, I have looked beyond the painting program and the browser to see what wonders lie within the system. The years since have given me opportunities to discover the secrets of the computer and to assist others with their technical problems; first grandparents, then fellow World Concern team members, and then CRISTA employees as an IT desktop support intern.

From the time I first plugged RCA cables into the family TV, I have been intrigued professional audio tools and have felt compelled to learn their use. I have often since run my family's audio system at various events and have recorded music using equipment of my own.

From the time I first learned that programming was an open opportunity for me to take on, I began to push forward with the hope of developing applications that would bring a reflection of my imagination onto the screen. Since that time, I have worked with C#, Java, Basic, Javascript, C++, C, Adobe Flash ActionScript, HTML and CSS, and PHP. I most enjoy typesafe object-oriented programming.

As a software engineer, I am excited for the possibilities that the technological world has to offer. My first devotion is to Christ Jesus my Savior, but I believe He is glorified when I work diligently and add value to an organization that I am able to serve.

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