Michael Lang

An accomplished and seasoned IT professional with deep roots in both software development and hardware systems administration. More than three decades in software development that began in the late eighties with writing DOS programs that interfaced with hardware plugged into serial ports and that sparked a keen interest in pursuing an understanding of how computers worked all the way down to the circuit level. I have parlayed my passion for technology into a long and varied career of tackling challenging problems in various fields from manufacturing to hospitality to medical research and billing and finance. Today, I continue to be deeply hands-on in software development and hardware provisioning while successfully leading technical teams and translating technical concepts into working solutions. I have the ability to teach new technical concepts and methodologies, enabling business executives to fully understand the technology and solutions being implemented to solve the ever changing needs of the business.

Cybrains, Inc. was established in 2001 during a time when the dot com bubble burst and made it difficult to find full-time employment in the IT field. My expertise has allowed me to consistently acquire and keep clients during even the worst of economic times.