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I think of myself as a world-changer, but I'm not sure I've done much world-changing (yet). I work in a hospital by day (and sometimes night) and spend free time with my beautiful wife and three amazing kids...and then when I can squeeze a little bit more time out of the day, I often spend it hacking around Ubuntu or programming or something else of the sort. Or trying to read interesting philosophy books, or listening to music.

I love Jesus, and try to follow him with my whole life.

Once upon a time I was a web developer, and sometimes I miss it.

Mostly I like people, and beauty, and the taste of egg nog, and the feeling of wind in my hair, and a smile on the face of someone whose day I have improved, and the color yellow. In no particular order.

If I can help you with something, just ask. I'd love to do so.

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