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Full Stack Developer

Over a decade of experience in a variety of stacks

Current focus (desired work):

JavaScript|TypeScript + React Hooks + Ionic + Capacitor

Firebase | GCS Real-Time Databases + Cloud Functions

Go lang & Python are my other love(s), but aren't getting much time these days


So many languages & stacks over the years, I appreciate what I have learned, my desire for real-time data on a cross platform code base that is highly scalable (including authentication & other cloud services) has overridden my desire to work in a more elegant language (for now).

Last year

Rust, C, Go


I prefer Go to the other two, but find value in all of them

I will use each when appropriate & still focus in JavaScript & Cloud Services for now

Go is just an awesome language all together, Concurrency & Threading in particular. Far more approachable than Rust & C, while having a similar readability|maintainability of Python

Python has not been a focus this year, I do find it a highly readable handy scripting lang & love the data science aspects, most recently ML|AI. I see myself in the future perhaps serving models|apis for business needs. Previously I lead the ML|AI google coursework at my most recent employer to help others understand concepts & syntax

Most recently paid for:

JavaScript + ES6 + TypeScript + React/React Native


Primarily studied (C++) & built a strong computer science foundation

I also completed all coursework required to apply to medical school

Ultimately I decided I loved programming more

I <3 c0d3 & science

Code School

Later I also was a top performer in code school (Python, Java)

Worked in:

React Native, Express/Node

Rails/Related Architecture Rack Sinatra etc.

A bit of Django, but far more Flask

Various DB's SQL: PostGreSQL/Sqlite/MySQL nonSQL: Firebase Firestore & Real-Time/Redis/GraphQL/Hasura/Prisma/Mongo/etc... cloud: Firebase, GCS, AWS, Heroku, many more

Command Line Kung Fu (I'm good)

Data Science & Neuroscience Researcher (Robotics, AI & ML)

Primarily Python (numpy, matplotlib, pandas, scipy.stats, statsmodels, seaborn, etc)

& JavaScript using D3

Controlled most powerful magnet on the planet for neural imaging

Analyzed spatial information for motion disorders

Completed premedical coursework; love computer science, research & science

Arduino, Raspberry Pi & IoT (as a researcher & hobbyist)

Chrome Extensions

JavaScript (YouTube SpeedSlider)

Greatly appreciate your support & 5 star rating, check it out!

Comfortable Learning/Doing Most Anything Feel free to reach out to me

Hire Me? Let's chat: [email protected]

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