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I was born in Assembly, raised by C++, reached adolescence in MATLAB. I also tasted Java, Prolog and Racket and C# during my college year.

I started my professional work with VBScript (language used by QTP) which I enrich with Powershell for misc. task such as scheduling regression tests, collating test results and other general tasks.

Then I foray into Java application, making IDE for our in-house data-design-language : take Eclipse IDE, strip its IDE part - aka Eclipse RCP, then add our-own language IDE on top complete with compiler, UI and UX things to make it less intimidating.

Currently, I'm doing serverless on AWS with Typescript and sprinkles of Javascript.

I am a very technical minded person who loves discussion about technology and most interested in system-thinking, e.g. how to lay the foundation for beautiful (sometimes messy) to grow out of it. be it economy, organization, physical/mechanical or societal.

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