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Data and MLOps Engineer, Architect, currently working with data lake/house/cloud like Snowflake, Spark, Databricks, BigQuery, Redshift. Languages like SQL (every variant), Python, Go-lang, Rust, Scala, Typescript, Shell. Lots of dbt. Formerly Business Intelligence Developer / Data Warehouse Developer working with all the Microsoft Massive Acryonym Squad Services Integrated Very Extensively (MASSIVE) tools like SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, T-SQL, MDX, Excel VBA and tools with "power" in their name somewhere. Reformed Crystal (Reports) abuser. Former Scientist (Environmental Chemistry), venn diagram enthusiast, turboencabulator optimisation enthusiast - hate side-fumbling though: Enjoy deleting code, destroying Rube Goldberg/Heath Robinson machines and being painfully didactic. I like sustainability, innovation, industrial ecology. I dislike ideology. Hate haters.

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