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I am very fond of StackOverflow and the StackExchange network. This is why I:

  1. volunteer
  2. hammer duplicate questions
  3. ask others to add explanations to their code-only answers
  4. ask others not to provide solutions as comments
  5. ask others not to post answers to questions that are incomplete, duplicates, or otherwise close-able.

I don't play the "Fastest Gun In The West" game, so when you see me post a late answer, it is because I have something valuable to offer and I hope that you will acknowledge the care that I take.

I use the StackExchange mobile app to receive instant notifications when I am mentioned in a comment. This enables me to provide timely responses and better serve SE communities.

You might find me at:

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/mick-harner-083b4530 (but I don't just connect for the sake of padding my connection count)

No Facebook, no Twitter (on purpose)
American by birth, Australian by choice

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