I am not smug in this picture, I just look like this.

I used to teach research methods in education, specialising in Autism, in London. I learned, or perhaps showed, that there is no reliable method of identifying Autism in children or adults. I moved onto teaching from my computer, which allowed me to travel around the world while still working. That was many years ago.

I now have a shop in the foothills of the Pyrenees in France selling custom build computers and doing data recovery for whoever walks through the door. We also provide a space for children of low income families to connect with computers, game, hang out and generally get nerdy. I was very proud recently when we got a donation of raw components and other bits from Tesla (or a department therein) for the kids. The kids just demand computers and DO NOT CARE about the work that I do for them; they do not notice or even say goodbye when they leave! It is a thankless job, but it really does make me feel good talking about it here. Damn, has my only open space become StackExchange?? Man, I really stopped being cool! Ha. Was I ever cool? Dude, I was cool.

I am cool...

I met my girlfriend while travelling in South Africa; she is here with me now and she is teaching from her computer now too; she is a better teacher than I ever was. She is the reason I carry on.

I like to think I can teach others here on StackExchange, but the truth is that I am here to learn. Please forgive my dumb questions and help me get it like you do :)

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