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Greetings. I come on to Stack Overflow somewhat frequently, usually to avoid doing some other task that I probably should be doing. I tend to find satisfaction in solving problems in the realm of , , , , , ,. is pretty cool even though I have limited answers. In real lifeI work for a tech company that's somewhat established and puts up with me...

I can't deny that I enjoy social interaction on this site (or lack thereof). Few communities interact in such a direct manner with absolutely no regard for being polite or charming. If you've asked a question without following the recommended instructions for How to ask a question, chances are you'll get a dismissive annoyed response, not just from me, but from anyone. Don't take it personally, it's StackOverflow and no site provides such a wide range of community solutions. Yet with such a wealth of solutions comes a price tag which is an incredibly brilliant tech community with the average user having the same amount of charisma found in a wounded badger.

For those interested, my screen name is PG, as in Pretty Good, SystemTester. If a system/rule is to be built and expected to be functional, it must be able to withstand scrutiny from aggressive System Testers. I think many of us are System Testers and you can find them far beyond the IT world; comedians, legal, social and ESPECIALLY among children. A proper system maintains order and captures unwanted events which ultimately should put everyone in the same mindset of a wise man of Snoop Dogg when he said (and I'm paraphrasing here...) "Don't hate the user, hate the system."

Good luck.


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