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I'm a recent PhD graduate from Monash University, Australia. As part of my PhD thesis, I developed an open source experiment control system for hardware-timed experiments. We published a paper on this control system here (free preprint version). It is written in Python using PyQt for the GUI.

I've also written/contributed to some Python libraries:

  • qtutils - A library with various tools for PyQt/PySide apps. Most notably, this library contains functions which always run specified code in the main thread. This makes it very easy to create secondary threads which call Qt methods in a thread safe way (the Qt methods always run in the main thread). This library also provides a common interface to dynamically load .ui files at run time for PyQt and PySide. Widget promotion is also supported, and can even be dynamically defined at run time.

  • zprocess - A cross-platform multiprocessing library using PyZMQ sockets for communication.


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