In August of 2008 I became curious about Ruby and took up programming as a hobby. Since then I have become curious about a lot of other things, and my aspirations have quickly expanded. I very much enjoy programming, and the open source phenomenon strikes me a window into a sustainable future. I hope that in a few years I will be able to join the scene and contribute to that future.

My dreams and ambitions have been multiplied! In 2009 I decided that I would, at the age of 26, return to university and get a degree in computer science. To that end I began studying math, something I had never done before.

In summer of 2010 I enrolled in a college and began taking first year computer science courses. By this time I was completely roped in by the beauty of computer computer. At the time I hoped to be able to transfer to a university by summer of 2011 and receive my first degree by 2014.

Ultimately I would like to use computer science to help "save the world". Once I have learned enough, I hope to be able to dedicate myself to whatever desperately needs doing. Whether that be related to energy, or poverty, or space travel: I want to be there with those people computing what they need computed.

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