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Hi everyone!

I'm pleased with the fact that you came to my profile to know me better. So here I am!

A TL;DR description would be something between this lines:

An average male with a beautiful and loving wife, with a passion for his work, music and games.

Long story is I had married recently to the love of my life. We've been together for about five years before. We had our ups and downs but in the end we felt we wanted to stay together for the rest of our lives. So now we live together and cherish every day as if it was the last day we have to spend on earth.

For this whole time, my mission is to infect her with a love to music. I know that the beauty of the world can be translated to music chords. What is more, music presents the world with a much more beautiful colors than in real life. I know that might sound crazy but if I had choose between seeing and hearing, I would definitely go for the hearing part.

I am also a hardcore gamer. If you hear on the news about some addicted kids to video games - that's probably me. I find it really hard to not give everything to what you do. It's so hard that I had to put games off and play in some games just occasionally.

The last but not least is my work. I am a web developer who is thrilled everytime he builds a website. Everytime my cheeks blushes when I'm implementing something new to the project. I love experimenting, constatly learning and evolving. That's what drives me through life.

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