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Let the regimes of Israel and Russia fall. These regimes are acting against the interests of humanity's safety and prosperity, waging war, committing war crimes, executing genocides, displacing and ethnically cleansing people, and starving and slaughtering children. These two countries are prime examples of what belongs in the history books, and should never be allowed to perform these heinous actions. Please support organizations and political parties that work to end these wars, stop the occupations, and bring peace to the nations.

I don't like the Stack Exchange company. I went on strike as a last resort for regaining the will, motivation and faith in continuing on this platform. The strike has ended, but I am not satisfied with the state we're in. I don't trust SE. Staying here only to continue fighting SE, is a waste of my life, and hurts my health. It's not good for me. As such, I'm moving to Codidact. Sure, the site has its issues, but we can do something about them. Together, we can make Codidact what we never could achieve here. We can build so much more, and with so much more solace and satisfaction.

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