When I try to post a second question soon after having posted a previous one, I get the message "You can only post once every 40 minutes."

When does this restriction gets waived, if ever?


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From Meta StackExchange: The Complete Rate Limiting Guide

  • Users with < 125 rep on the current site, 40 minutes since their last question anywhere on the network (This applies to the user's IP address, not their account. If the user shares that IP with other users, they can be limited by the other user asking a question anywhere on the network.)

    enter image description here

    • Other per-site limits may apply; e.g. on Stack Overflow, new users can only ask once every 90 minutes
    • Users limited by Anti-Recidivism System, one question per week
    • Users limited from asking questions for 1 – 7 days based on the performance of their previous questions
    • Users prevented from asking questions due to the quality filter: one question per 6 months, beginning 6 months after the ban began

In general though questions regarding the how the actual Stack Exchange network works would be better on Meta StackExchange .

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