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New functionality: convert close vote

Close votes can be retracted from question, but after that no more close votes can be cast on that particular question. I understand that voting and revoking several times would negatively impact ...
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Calling all bloggers.... Again

It's that time of the year again... Where I've completed my finals, my work tasks have slimmed a little and I think to myself I can get the blog back up and going again. So here we are! I'm calling ...
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Congratulations on 1 million users! 🎉🎉🎉

I just saw this a few minutes ago, saying you guys had 1,000,720 total users! I'm assuming this happened recently, so I though I'd bring it to attention! This is a really good site that helps so many ...
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modprobe -r [modules]

60 questions tagged modules. Most of them are dealing with kernel-modules. Others talk about Apache2/Perl/Python/Puppet/Drupal/Slax modules. There's even one about memory modules. The [modules] tag ...
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Remove the [Glitch] tag

The glitch tag has no use. The top five questions don't relate at all. In order: Glitch detection in MP3 files Glitchy GPU output Office 2013 drawing oddly Mouse moving on its own Sound card ...
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Help us clean up tags!

Tags on Super User are meant to categorize posts to help people with specific expertise or interests to quickly discover posts that are relevant to them. Over time we've collected quite a few ...
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A new way to clean up tags

This is the proposal. Please see Help us clean up tags! for the result. Let's face it, we have tons of horrible tags. In the past, we used Old monthly tag cleanups to keep track of what needs to be ...
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Design flaw in the review audit system

My question is a little different from this previous Meta question: Commenting on a high quality audit. A high-quality question was masqueraded as a new question. All of the previous comments and ...
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Too many [options] to choose from

There are a lot of questions tagged with options. It's extremely meta, and there are no "options" experts that would benefit from a tag like this. I suggest burninate, and black list.
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Merge "jabber" and "xmpp"

jabber and xmpp are synonyms on Stack Overflow. They should be synonyms on Super User also.
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Should we keep stretching the meaning of [stretch]?

This is about stretch. It's the code name of the current stable Debian release, and it's also a tag on the main site. Most of the usage seems to be about debian-stretch -- there are 19 questions ...
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Choosing a canonical question for "Is my processor 32-bit or 64-bit?"

Super User has several questions asking how to check whether they have a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System, and how to check if their CPU is 64-bit capable. The majority combine both questions into ...
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Account copying question from another source

My concern is around this question: https://superuser.com/questions/1004955/break-in-operation-file-is-corrupt-what-to-do The user posting the question has no other interaction on Super User, at ...
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Should we put a limit on [limit]?

limit is a meta-tag used for a bunch of totally different purposes. Scanning the first page of questions I find questions about limiting screen resolution number of files downloaded amount parallel ...
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Merge [EFI] and [UEFI] tags?

The tag description for EFI is : EFI stands for Extensible Firmware Interface, and is an updated version of BIOS. It sits between firmware and the operating system in the software stack. while ...

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