The "badge" number appearing next to the "reputation" tab title on a user's profile is not calculated correctly. It ignores the removed category of reputation gains and losses.

Screenshot of recent reputation history

From May 6, 25 reputation are counted (see highlight color). Result should be:

70+35+10+60+20+0+120+30+25 = 370

Actual result on the badge is:


The difference seems to come from:

+1 removed (May 8)
-10 removed (May 9)
-20 removed (May 9)
  • Stop (keep) finding bugs! You're making Super User have low self esteem. :P
    – iglvzx
    Commented May 15, 2012 at 6:16

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This is intentional - that's a very denormalized value that's actually trigger based in the DB. We can only (sanely) show one flavor of the number, we chose to go with the default ("show remove posts" unchecked) value.

Storing the other for this rare case just isn't worth maintaining - it's too rare and doesn't matter that much, since it is correct in the default view.

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