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Editing OS-specific questions or answers if the question or answer will also apply to another OS [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should the original intent of a question be broadened to make the answers more canonical? I recently found out that this question - How print multiple independent pages in one ...
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Asking the same as existing question, but for a different platform/OS [duplicate]

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Duplicate Question, where the answer is the same, but the question differs slightly

This question: Can any of the diff/grep utilities do a "file grep"? Was voted for close as an exact duplicate of Which duplicate files and folders finders exist for Windows? The OP ...
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Help create and maintain community FAQs!

Joel's recently blogged regarding wikifying question on several recurring topics where users keep asking new versions of the same problem. Some of these are: anti-virus software and cleaning them ...
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What should we do with those ever-recurring "image entire hard drive" questions?

I think every week or so, we get the occasional "How do I copy my entire hard drive?" question. The answers are always the same, in the sense of suggesting software like Acronis TrueImage or ...
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Update the FAQ to disallow any product recommendation questions

Foreword added at +2/-1: To make this clear: As far as I can tell (and I quote a diamond moderator below), this is already official moderation policy on this site. I just want to have this added ...
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Similar Tor-related question for Linux and Mac OS X

I was going through tor to see what I could see, and I came across and answered this question which asks about Mac OS X: How do I tell tor, from the command-line, to give me a new identity Further ...
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Wassup with "answers has to be platform independent"?

It seems that someone believes that SuperUser has to have answers that solves all problems in all OS's. While I strongly believe that each answer is right on its own if it addresses the question ...
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When should the operating system be included in questions and tags?

On a question I recently asked regarding passwords on PDFs, a comment was made that the OS should be included in the description and a tag for it used. When is it a good idea to include the OS? It ...
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Should I post an answer that isn't a perfect fit?

If I have an answer to a question that would help some people with the same question, but not the OP, should I post it? Case in point: This doesn't help the OP, ...
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