I have a question about my Super User post: Real-Time Sync Utility

My question got recently closed as off-topic. While my actual question (what I wanted to know) was on topic in the first place, I added an ending that suggested I was looking for a software recommendation.

This was put on hold as off-topic (which was correct because I did not clearly stated what I was looking for). I edited the question to clarify that it complies to the OnTopic guidelines shortly after.

The question got apparently reviewed again, but was not re-opened. I did not bother too much about it at first because I was working on a solution by myself. While I solved the problem, the question was deleted as abandoned.

I would like to answer the question, but am not able to do so. I believe my question fits on superuser after carefully reading OnTopic and some other Help-Center posts.

Is there any reason why the question was not reopened after my edit? I'm not aware of any guidelines I'm violating with this question.

Not sure whether I should include the text of the original question here as only people with 10k+ rep can view it, but it's quite long.

  • Ben N pretty much nailed it in his answer. For me, the original wording of the product discussions also seemed to point to a request for a product recommendation. You've done a good job of cleaning up the question. I also tweaked it to address what I originally saw as problems. The question is still a bit broad ("help me design a solution" questions tend to be), but you're looking to self-answer. I voted to reopen.
    – fixer1234
    Nov 14, 2016 at 5:26

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Throughout the question, you provide examples of programs you've tried and some specific concerns you have about your situation. That's great! Unfortunately, recommendations for off-site resources (including programs) are off-topic here, as noted by the closure reason.

It is possible to ask questions that will probably require third-party software, but here, it looks like the question was closed because of the title ("Real-Time Sync Utility") and the opening sentence:

I'm looking for something to synchronize my Computers with a NAS in the local network.

It's easy to forget to update the title after changing the body - I've missed it myself a couple times! - but people usually use the title to assess what the question is primarily about. Modifying the title to describe your situation would help.

You did adjust the closing sentence, and that's good. A bit more wordsmithing in the rest of the question might be able to make it clear that you're not necessarily looking for a software recommendation. In fact, your question does have one reopen vote pending at the moment.

Though if you are looking for a software recommendation, we have a sister site for that: Software Recommendations. Thanks to all the information you included, you have most of an SR.SE question already.

  • I agree that I should have been more careful editing the question. But I've looked into SR before editing the question and did not feel it belonged there, as it is for "software ready-to-use", which is not what I'm looking for. The solution I found for myself now is pretty much scripted, I used unison (and other tools) though. The tricky point was to use it right. The reason I'm referring other programs I've tried is that I wanted to say why I don't just use XYZ
    – Qw3ry
    Nov 13, 2016 at 20:48
  • @Qw3ry Ah, that makes sense. Since you're clearly still interested in your question and have not abandoned it, I've cast the last necessary undelete vote.
    – Ben N
    Nov 13, 2016 at 20:56
  • BTW thank you for the detailed answer. I edited the question accordingly and hope it will be reopened so I can share my solution.
    – Qw3ry
    Nov 13, 2016 at 21:18

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