I've noticed a comment on a Question How to stop unicode glyphs displaying as "emoji" in MS Word 2016

Which states

Note that those characters are still displayed as emoji on many platforms imgur.com/a/SVPJ9

The imgur link is a picture of the question so the link does not support the comment but I cant see the point either from adding to the question or some nefarious purpose.

I followed the link and ... so I flagged it as Non-constructive. Is this acceptable? Should I of done something different?

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Reading through all the comments, and the edit history it makes sense - basically the question rendered with what OP assumed to be B+W wingdingish charecters as emoji. See the rest of the comments, and the edits. At this point "obsolete" would be the correct flag.

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    So less "un-nice" ... thanks
    – Ross
    May 14, 2017 at 23:06

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