I submitted this question as a guest, while logged out.

For reasons unknown the post was removed. Perhaps it was deemed unsuitable for Superuser or whatever, but in any case I would like to recover the text of the question so I can edit it and/or post it elsewhere.

Additionally I think it is extremely poor that a question would be removed without leaving even a trace and without providing feedback to the author. It's extremely frustrating. I think deleted questions should be kept directly linkable (as long as they aren't offensive) but simply de-listed from the site and search results.

Can someone please recover the text of the question?

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    “I think deleted questions should be kept directly linkable (as long as they aren't offensive) but simply de-listed from the site and search results.” - Questions are linkable and viewable even when deleted as a registered user if you are the author. The question was deleted because it was about Facebook.
    – Ramhound
    Commented Mar 26, 2021 at 13:12

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(As posted in Ask a Moderator Chat)

The question was posted as a guest, closed as Off Topic, then deleted by the site cleanup script. It was not a manual action.

The question text is below, and it is still Off Topic. I would recommend reading the "What topics can I ask about?" link in the Help Center to determine what questions we have here.

I work for a company which has a Facebook page and which uses Facebook Business / Facebook Ads.

Part of my job is managing Facebook product feed integrations and ensuring our products are being pulled into Facebook correctly.

Until recently I was able to do all of this via a generic company Facebook account, e.g. [email protected].

However a few weeks ago Facebook locked this account, presumably because it doesn't have any real content on it; it's just a generic login. To unlock the account, Facebook is requesting a phone number and then photographic identification.

As an employee I have no interest whatsoever in providing Facebook with any of my personal information. In any case, such ID would not match the name on the account since - again - the account is a generic company one.

Facebook has said in the past that all accounts must belong to a real person with a real name, that accounts cannot be shared, and that each person can only have a single account.

In this respect it seems I'm left with a choice:

  1. Get a personal Facebook account, provide Facebook with personal information and my ID, then use that account to manage my employer's business page.


  1. Tell my employer I refuse to give any personal info to Facebook and risk pissing them off and looking unprofessional.

What can I do about this? Is there any way to successfully use Facebook with a generic or shared account?

P.S. as a web professional I find this extremely frustrating and I heavily criticise Facebook for forcing professionals to divulge their personal information in the course of fulfilling the duties of their job.


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