My question was:

"Is it true that using different sized RAM's will not lead to a better performance in 2020 laptops"

I've edited the question, but there seems to be some type of bot which immediately stops me from asking any questions, ever again.

See the edited version below which was made enormously more concise On a side note: It might be helpful if tips were given on how to improve questions, since the present tips are rather vague, something which the site rules themselves...oppose.


Specifically, I am using DDR4 SoDIMM 8GB now, in a Legion 5 17ACH6H. Will adding 4GB RAM, lead to a better performance, the same performance, or éven a worse performance? Is my assumption that the more RAM, the merrier, a simplistic one?

Follow up: Is there a difference in outcomes with regards to gaming, or non 4K video editing, or having 100 browser tabs open? I can imagine that going from 8GB to 12GB might improve 'open browser tabs' but perhaps not gaming performance.


  • I wanna stress explicitly that this question is NOT a homework assignment (since that a favorite reason given in case of mod abuse) nor is it seeking brand comparisons.
  • Yes, I know it is possible to use different sized RAM, several mobo's support it. This is NOT my question.
  • the other, nót-similar questions on this subject were 7 years old, so this can be viewed as an upgrade of sorts, looking at what has changed in the last 5-7 years.


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I've edited the question

That has put your question in the reopen queue where users with the appropriate privilege can vote if they think it should be reopened or not.

There seems to be some type of bot which immediately stops me from asking any questions, ever again

You have been automatically "blocked from asking" because of the poor quality of your questions. This is automated and cannot be overridden.

You have asked 43 questions but the aggregate score is -6 (including your deleted questions).

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    The question must have been deleted. I can’t find any recent question the author has submitted.
    – Ramhound
    Commented Jan 9, 2022 at 5:41

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