I came across this while I was browsing through the Newest Questions. Are Community Promotion Ads shown based on keywords in questions? Or was this just a happy coincidence?

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Not as far as I can tell. I did few searches then checked the top question to see if I could find a pattern.

  • "virtualisation" did not produce VirtualBox ads on the top 2 questions (I got the 7zip ad and synergy),
  • "zip file" or "7 zip" did not produce the 7zip ad (I got xperf),
  • when I searched for "xperf" the top three questions didn't give me a community promotion ad (?)
  • and as a final test I did "VLC" and picked the top one, which gave me an ad for English.SE.

So no – they do not seem any way tied to searches or the question you are viewing.

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