Questions don't count towards a user's badge score. This might make sense on the main sites, which thrive primarily through answers contributed by regular users.

But those same regular users post relevant questions (as well as answers) on the meta sites, contributing bug reports, feature requests, and initiating important discussions about e.g. policy, thereby advancing the entire community and providing valuable input for the continued improvement of the SE software.

For , and , the opening post (question) is at least as important a contribution to the site as any answer. Most of the top-rated questions are also important contributions and discuss e.g. moderation policy. Simpler, less relevant support questions don't get a lot of upvotes anyway.

That contributing questions on meta is an important metric for overall meta/community contribution is shown by their inclusion e.g. in moderator election pages.

enter image description here

Question also count towards a user's meta site activity, therefore making the treatment of question scores inconsistent.

Questions scores on meta sites, at least the child metas, should therefore count towards the tag scores, equal to answers.


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