The front page and other question listings don't show any new activity. I just posted this question and it doesn't show up on the front page or recent questions page. I understand this may be due to the recent database migration, but can someone address this?

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As Deltik said, this was a side-effect of the database migration that happened earlier today.

Should be fixed now. We just had to rebuild a few services that didn't get rebuilt after the migration took place.


Yes, this is due to the recent database migration. As far as I can see, all Stack Exchange sites are affected except for Stack Overflow, which was the first to come back to life.

Stack Overflow Meta was taken down to read-only mode momentarily, but when it resumed operations, like the other sites, it still did not show new activity.

The only thing we can do is wait it out.

Until then, there is an ugly workaround to check out the latest questions:

  1. Select the question ID of the most recent question. Example: meta.superuser.com/questions/5573
  2. Increment that number until you reach a newer question. 5574 and 5575 lead to an answer because IDs are assigned sequentially not only to questions, but 5576 is the next-newest question, which doesn't show up yet on the front page.

I found this question by incrementing the numbers.

This is the equivalent Meta Stack Overflow question: Is my question (incorrectly) banned due to fighting with spam?

UPDATE 03:12 AM UTC: Uhp! Just a couple of minutes ago, the most recent questions came back to life on Super User! Now waiting on Top Questions and other Stack Exchange sites to be fixed...

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