Half of the questions tagged with are also tagged with (62 / 130) .

About (tag wiki):

Questions about email clients, mail transfer agents and email software configuration. Questions about webmail are off-topic.

I don't think we need both and , since they're basically the same. Both of them refer to email clients and not webmail, which is off-topic.

If refers only to the mails themselves and not email clients such as Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird then we have a lot of retagging to do.

I suggest removing (making it a synonym of ) and using instead (e.g for Gmail emails related questions).

  • Even in the worst case, the retagging needed here pales before the ongoing nuking of the SO homework tag where ~7k questions have been manually retagged or deleted. Commented Nov 27, 2012 at 20:45

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The top-voted question tagged email only makes a good example of a question that has nothing to do with , so removing should be out of question. On the other hand, seems to be rather useless - either a question can be tagged by the specific client, e.g. , or it is so general that it could be tagged as well. I am however not quite sure how I should actually tag my own recent question to indicate that it's about the OS setting of which email client to use...

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