While going through some suggested answer edits today I came across one which changed nothing but added the following to the bottom of the answer:

--- Anybody help me put my question to comment please? I cannot add a comment-----

But why it is 4G byte? 32 address lines can access 2^32 (4G) different address, but every address could be a byte or a word(4byte) 32bit --> 4G Byte, when it is a byte 32bit --> 4G * 4 Byte, when it is a word Do you mean there is only 8 data output lines? so every address can only output 8 bits. Why do we have to limit the data lines to 8 lines? Can we make it 32 data output lines?

The comment on the edit was "I cannot add comment, I have a question. please help me add a comment under this question."

I take this as it being a new user who can't comment on the answer, but wanted whoever reviews the edit to comment on it for him.

Two questions:

  1. What should I do in this situation? Should I comment for him, or does that encourage misuse of the edit functionality?
  2. Is there a process for new users to submit comments for consideration, even if they're not allowed to directly comment?


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Using suggested edits as comments is a nono. Reject with impunity.The one exception is If its clearly the op (who is a poor lost soul and is unregistered), and he's lost his cookie.

Don't encourage this.

The right way to do this would likely be to post a second question, referring back to the first one (but this would not be a good question anyway). Even as a comment, this might be noise rather than something adding to the original question, so I wouldn't show it too much mercy.

There's no suggested comments mechanism at this point of time.

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