13 questions are currently tagged (I removed the tag from one other question).

  • How to find maximum amount of requests for a file with a certain utilization percent?
  • elasticsearch + kibana: disk usage grows over day
  • How to track Mac computer utilization throughout my organization?
  • Probook 4520s CPU hangs at 100% and 199MHz? any ideas
  • Does a Windows service priority change really allocate so more CPU utilization for that service?
  • Windows 8 extremely high disk usage and slow IO
  • Disk utilization 100%, no read or write
  • How to get CPU %user %system in FreeBSD without using top?
  • Calculating Utilization in a Stop-And-Wait Protocol
  • CPU and HD degradation on sourced based Linux distribution
  • Is There A Way To Calculate Data In Task Manager?
  • Spurious high disk IOrate alerts from remote server
  • Force an application to use 90% of the cpu, mac

The tag:

  • doesn't seem to add anything concrete in terms of categorization
  • isn't used coherently, as illustrated above
  • has no followers
  • has no tag wiki
  • is pretty hard to be a subject matter expert in

I propose we kill the utilization tag.

  • 6
    Eh, only 13? Seems like a 5 mins task....
    – Braiam
    Oct 16, 2014 at 13:44

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Yeah, its a classic meta tag.

We can get rid of it.

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