I have a program which mentioned having a feature that's simply not working, is this considered on-topic for this site ? if not what stackexchange site suits it better ?

The program is monodevelop And code completion doesn't seem to work in c++ on linux mint(this is for clarification only so don't answer it).

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That's fine to ask here on Super User, but before you ask:

  • Collect the version information for your OS (Linux Mint) and Monodevelop, and include it in your question. Very important!
  • Tell us how you installed MonoDevelop, including the exact steps, and if you downloaded packages from a repo, whether it was the standard Linux Mint repo or a custom one.
  • Tell us exactly what doesn't work, and provide screenshots if possible.
  • If possible, provide a reference to somewhere that suggests that this feature should be available for C++ specifically.
  • Tell us what you've tried to fix it.
  • Tell us whether you've upgraded Linux Mint or Monodevelop from one version to another without reinstalling
  • Tell us whether you've tried deleting your monodevelop user directory (not sure exactly what it would be, but the logical choice would be ~/.monodevelop or something similar).

We need: details, details, details, and what you've tried in order for this to be a good question.

  • Thanks, I'll go and post the details, I might try some things first because I haven't tried many things to fix it
    – niceman
    Commented Mar 5, 2015 at 14:49

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