Sometimes people use > or : to post tags in titles and separate them afterwards, like:

Excel 2003: How do I enter a formula

I tried to find those questions where > or : were used in this way to fix the titles and move their tags from titles to tags section.

I quickly checked how to use the SU search effectively under Help center > How do I search

To limit your search to just the title of a question, use title: followed by the search term

To find a specific phrase, or to search a string of special characters, enter it in quotes: like "flat tire", or "<%#".

But when I use the SU search bar and enter title:">" or title:":" I got no results. Of course there certainly are questions containing them in their title.

Apparently the title: parameter together with special characters enclosed in quotes don't work. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Hmm you're right, this isn't currently supported (not in a title-only way). If it's something that's asked for me we can see how to approach it. It would not be trivial to add, though.

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