I asked this question and was closed as too broad because of the statement that it would require upward hardware compatibility but which is wrong. (ᴡɪɴ9x still works natively on latest hardware with limit cpuid maximum enabled and ≤1Gb RAM) (linux 2.2.0 for PowerPC still works on qemu)

The problem lies with the bootloader (including with the installation medium) and this represent a narrowed scope.

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Your question has been reopened to give it one more time around the loop.

Bear in mind though that it is currently at -4 votes and has already been through reopen queue and failed to be reopened there. As such this is a strong indication that the community in general believes that it is very low quality.

In order to improve your question, and thus prevent it simply being re-closed, I would advise you to provide evidence of

  • what you have tried,
  • what research you have done to conclude that this is indeed possible,
  • clear detail of why you need or want this
  • why your solution of using QEMU either does not work or is not suitable (you have tried it haven't you?)

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