As of the writing of this, there's 225 questions tagged and 537 tagged .

The description on the "tag info" page for the latter seems much more complete than the info for the former tag.

Specifically what puzzles me is the snippet I bolded out:

Gaining control to a computer or equipment while not necessarily being physically located near it. More specific tags include [remote-desktop] and [vnc]. Not the same as [remote-access].

So, I wonder: where they differ? And where do they overlap, if any?


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I think that the difference between is that is about having control of the system remotelly, while is about access to remote resources, ie. files, services, hardware, etc.


The first thing that popped into my head was a recent conversation where I asked about Screen Sharing and someone suggested Remote Desktop. I may be way off, but I would consider RDP "Remote Access" while I might consider TeamViewer/VNC "Remote Control". I could actually see arguments for flipping that, but either way the point is that they are different in my opinion.

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