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Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

We don't like company-only tags, and there's been various crusades in the past to purge them: Can we get rid of the company tags? Company tag necromancy: The zombie apocalypse! What should the [...
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Old monthly tag cleanups [closed]

This post is no longer active. It is preserved for historical reasons only. For more info on our new tag cleanup procedure, see: Help us clean up tags! A new way to clean up tags The following tags ...
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Can we get rid of the company tags?

I don't think any of the following tags have questions that benefit them: microsoft, apple, acer, samsung, sony, asus, ... And thinking in the meta tag way, a question that's only about those tags ...
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Actually changing things through Meta

We have four principal categories of topics on Meta, with some overlap: Bug: The site just doesn't work Feature request: I want to have new shiny things Support: How does this work? Discussion: What ...
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Should we do something about the [osx] / [mac] distinction?

TL;DR: osx and mac are a complete mess. What should we do about that? What's the current situation? Per this question, we've established the following distinction between the "OS X" and &...
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The msi tag is ambiguous

Currently we have the msi tag which (according to the description) is supposed to be used for tagging questions about Windows .msi installer files. However, there are quite a few questions (about a ...
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How do we keep dead tags dead?

We killed off this tag some time ago - I noticed it in use during the current cleanup, and it has been used 360 times since then (at least). I suppose that there's a perfectly good reason, other than ...
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Can the hardware and software tags be obliterated?

Do we really need the hardware and software tags? Looking at the tags into detail: They don't group all the questions that should belong to them. Their statistics don't make sense, they are both less ...
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Have a prompt when a tag is created

When a tag is created, a prompt should be raised, just so that people know they they are creating a tag, and are doing it intentionally. I think that should solve address the answers to my previous ...
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Block the [hp] tag

The hp tag has been removed repeatedly as a generic company tag. Since the previous major effort to clear out the company tags, this tag has been recreated and removed again four additional times, ...
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What should the [microsoft] tag be used for? [duplicate]

Initially, I assumed microsoft (132) is about the company. But I took a brief look through them and didn't find any about the company. In fact, all the question seem to be about various Microsoft ...
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Retagging [microsoft] questions [duplicate]

Same as the 2 previous questions I've posted: Retagging [google] questions Retagging [firefox] [mozilla] questions? Most of the questions tagged with microsoft (180 questions) relate to Microsoft ...
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