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-8 votes
2 answers

Question concerning the new code of conduct

I have read the new "be nice" code of conduct and would like to see whether it applies to the behavior I have encountered in this post. This post has a bounty attached for 500 rep, which started a ...
10 votes
3 answers

Journeyman Geek's Monthly Bounty Hunt: August/September

And.. The second installment of the bounty hunt. I was away most of the time, but I'm sure someone else remembered this ;). The ground rules are the same as last month, and yes, I still want ...
21 votes
1 answer

Journeyman Geek's Monthly Bounty Hunt: July/August

I'm ploughing back some of my rep into the community, and hopefully getting some good/better answers up for questions. I really wouldn't be able to chase down all the worthy candidates for such a ...