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-5 votes
4 answers

Why does StackExchange not fix the login account system?

I love the question/answer nature of this community but it's frustrating to do a Google search and find a question/answer on here that I'd like to contribute to, but then be presented with login phase,...
0 votes
1 answer

Real Name appearing under user information

I registered with my facebook account (doesn't seem like the best idea now) a while ago. I noticed that my real name appears in my account information. I tried removing it, but it keeps appearing ...
20 votes
6 answers

Official stance on Facebook questions on SU? Ok, there are many questions that reference Facebook, but this one seems to be directly about facebook. I need an official ...
4 votes
1 answer

Asking questions about facebook in superuser [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Official stance on Facebook questions on SU? I wanted to ask a question about facebook in superuser only to discover that almost all questions tagged facebook have been closed....