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2 answers

What could we do with the [error] tag?

Well, we have a tag called error. Its description says: Please use a more specific tag instead. Awesome. So what do all these 547 questions have in common? A non-descriptive tag. On Oct. 10, @...
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1 answer

'Lost' tag is meaningless

This is on 8 questions, and I just saw it used as recently as today. This seems like the definition of a meta tag to me and should probably go away, yes?
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1 answer

Are "error" and "problem" meta-tags?

From If the tag can’t work as the only tag on a question, it’s probably a meta-tag. Clearly, error and problem fit this criterion. If ...
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What's the difference between [answers] and [answering-questions]?

^^ as the title. Here in Meta.SuperUser, we have answers and answering-questions. I'm not sure what's the difference between answers and answering-questions, because answering-questions is already ...
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Please burninate the [problem] tag

We've had it before and way before that, and also on SO, but the "problem" (which is problem) seems to be reappearing. Can we please get rid of this meta-tag again? By the way: There are a few ...
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1 answer

Missing and Disappeared tags

It looks like meta-tags missing and disappeared are still hanging around, if they were ever removed (see the earlier discussion on this). I'm happy to go through and remove the tags, unless we want ...
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1 answer

Tags that should never be the only ones on a question

It seems to me that there are some tags that if they are the only ones on a post (or even if they are mentioned at all) pretty much make the question off topic. Perhaps these tags should have a ...
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Meta Tag Wikis Can't be Edited [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Unable to propose tag wiki With the addition of tag wiki proposals, it seems as though Meta's language changed despite still not being able to edit tag wikis. I can see how ...
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0 answers

What is the difference between on-topic and off-topic tags here in meta?

There are both on-topic and off-topic here on meta.superuser, both without definition. What's the difference between them? (Is asking whether something is on-topic different from asking whether the ...
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Rename [tags] meta tag

tags: General questions about tag usage on the main site Perhaps it should be renamed to tag-usage, because questions about retagging, merging and renaming are sometimes tagged with tags - it's ...
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1 answer

Synonymous meta tags about tagging

There are some meta tags about tags that seems to be synonymous: retagging is a synonym of retag-request. tag-synonym-request is a synonym of tag-synonyms. tag-wiki-suggestion is a synonym of tag-...
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1 answer

Add 'Fault' to the Meta required tag list

Is it possible to add something like 'Fault' or 'Failure' or 'Crash' to the list of tags that you have to pick one of in order to post to Meta? For example, with yesterday's data centre down-ness ("...
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Meta tag for tag-request

I think it would be helpful to have a meta tag tag-request in order to distinguish requests for new tags from other tag-related questions. Are there any reasons why this is hasn't been implemented?
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