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Questions tagged [tag-cleanup-weekends]

For questions regarding "tag cleanup weekends" - full-throttle tag editing at the last weekend of every other month. Tag cleanup weekends are experimental at the moment.

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19 votes
5 answers

Tag cleanup weekend 1 - After action reports and impressions

We had about 4-5 users who were actively/obviously cleaning up, and at least one complaint of over efficiency. How was tag cleanup weekend? More specifically, if you were involved, what tags did ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Logistics for tag cleanup weekend 1

Tag cleanup weekend 1 is now complete! For afterthoughts, see here: Tag cleanup weekend 1 - After action reports and impressions Considering that we're attempting to short circuit some of the usual ...
13 votes
0 answers

Logistics for Cleanup Weekend 2

We are having another cleanup weekend. This time we will focus on: fixing the rest of the broken images (most of this work has been completed) cleaning up some more tags The cleanup will last for ...
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