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7 votes
2 answers

Hot or not; Tweak the Top Questions list to discard poor questions

The following question has a score of -1 votes, and 4 close votes: I do not think it should be included in ...
-1 votes
1 answer

Newsletter top question bug

I have just received the newsletter, and one of the top questions was How to analyze a link to figure out the actual link. It said I had answered the question. It's nice I guess, but my answer was ...
0 votes
4 answers

Why are late answers allowed?

Why are new users allowed to post late answers to questions from so long ago? Most of the times it's not even useful and it clutters up the Top Questions page.
7 votes
3 answers

Top Questions of the Week #3

Now we're into week 3 of the "Top Question" of Super User in the Super User blog. Please post and vote for your favorite question for this week. Please post any question that you feel is of worth and ...