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Link Error in "Attention! Some of your previous edits were rejected." message

When you receive the following message: The hyperlinked page is which did not seem to provide what was described: instead I ...
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Add "views" ordering to answer list again

There once was a views sort order for answers in a user's profile, but it apparently was removed. It is only available for questions. While it might need to be made clear that it's not answer views, ...
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4 votes
0 answers

View more link under badges appears even if there's only one badge left

If you visit this user's page you'll notice that even if there's only one Badge unlocked by the user, the 'view more' link is shown. The view more link makes sense if there's many badges but in this ...
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Inconsistent reputation history for days without reputation changes

My recent SU reputation history: There is an entry for Jan 3, on which There were no net reputation changes on this day. No posts are listed for this day. There is no entry for Dec 29. It is unclear ...
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Add all-time column to meta user card drop down

By "user card drop down", I mean this: It'd be interesting to see the all-time +/– votes score in an additional column. It's not something that can be easily determined otherwise, since there's ...
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