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14 votes

Is [numbering] tag useful or too vague?

I see no way that this tag is even remotely useful. I'm amazed that it's amassed over 100 questions. We should burninate it.
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5 votes

Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

While going through the google questions I came across one with a konica. Konica are a manufacturer of printers, scanners, etc. (I think they have a heavy industry division as well). There are only ...
4 votes

Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

Even after we destroy tags, they can be recreated. I just re-torched asus; it had accumulated four questions in a couple weeks. You can see a list of newly invented tags on the "new" tab of the tags ...
2 votes

Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again

I posted a solution to mikrotik here, which has received two upvotes and no downvotes. I started retagging, and then someone pointed out that being under 2k rep, my retagging uses 4x the effort of ...
1 vote

Burninate [diagnostic], [troubleshooting], and [debugging]?

The troubleshooting tag seems to restate the obvious in the context of an individual question, however it might improve Super User's searchability for a user with a specific hardware problem who is ...
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