Only manufacturer and company tags are problematic, specific products are not. There are two tags, intel-cpu and intel-graphics, that are okay for all CPU and graphics card products made by Intel Corporation. Nvidia is also kind of a special case. Nvidia's only products (or at least their most popular products, since I haven't heard of anything else) are ...


I would vote for burninate images and replace it for their peers, image-editing, disk-image, etc. in a way that images doesn't exist, since it's a term that loosely apply to many things. But to fulfill this, it would be necessary to blacklist images for the disambiguation to be more effective.


I thought I might give an overview of what was done with logitech, as the list in the question doesn't do it any favours, and I hope it serves as an example of what we can do and get some feedback as to whether it was the right way to go: The tag logitech-mouse already existed, so retagging logitechmouse questions seemed a good place to start. Based on that, ...


I feel like I must point out something here, and let me take How to obtain the result of a chemical reaction given two components? as an example. Just because someone is asking for a tool to solve a problem, doesn't make it the kind of question we don't want. Semyon is explaining a very specific, niche problem, which he likes to solve. He assumes that ...


I see no way that this tag is even remotely useful. I'm amazed that it's amassed over 100 questions. We should burninate it.


It should be destroyed. While this is going on, the tag wiki should not only say DO NOT USE, which many wikis of burning tags do, but it should also say Go to the Software Recommendations site. I understand the objection to adding a beta site to migration options but this way you are not migrating, just steering the poster in the right direction.


Your last point is wrong. ConEmu and Console2 are not shells (to use the *nix term), they're terminal emulators, much like the default conhost. cmd.exe is more equivalent to *nix shells like bash and zsh, though I don't think it's that great of a tag - perhaps "Windows Command Processor", which is in the description field of cmd.exe. Or "Windows Command ...


While going through the google questions I came across one with a konica. Konica are a manufacturer of printers, scanners, etc. (I think they have a heavy industry division as well). There are only a few (about 6) questions using this so I will run through them quickly and remove it. UPDATE Konica is no more!


Even after we destroy tags, they can be recreated. I just re-torched asus; it had accumulated four questions in a couple weeks. You can see a list of newly invented tags on the "new" tab of the tags page. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty good tags.


Agree. Blacklisting version-number, updates, software-update, auto-updates, and automatic-updates and then Manual cleanup of all of them into osx-software-update, windows-update and google-update should be enough. That way unambiguous tags stay.


Okay, here's the master plan: cmd.exe will be merged and synonymized → windows-command-prompt. We will start a tag-cleanup-request for terminal, to have it retagged to terminal.app where appropriate. When complete, terminal will be synonymized with terminal.app. shell and console will be merged and synonymized → command-line and a tag-cleanup-request will ...


I posted a solution to mikrotik here, which has received two upvotes and no downvotes. I started retagging, and then someone pointed out that being under 2k rep, my retagging uses 4x the effort of someone 2k or above, so I've stopped, at least for now. I'd be happy to finally get rid of this tag.


It is a fact that some companies have similar issues across many of their products from same category. Some people who happen to have some connection to said company's support service might be interested in quickly looking up by combination company name + product category. Same for people who whould want to find if any other TV (product category) by Toshiba (...


Lock all questions Warn in the tag to not use it, and to use the software recs instead Migrate the good ones to software recs Close the bad ones (for historical significance, but offtopic) ??? Profit Burninate!

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