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Indicates that a change in functionality is currently under consideration, or needs further investigation.

A feature request or bug report with this tag is neither declined nor destined for implementation/fix. When such a decision has been made, the tag will be changed accordingly.

There are multiple factors that may leave a report under review. There could be consideration of whether the proposed feature or bugfix is feasible or useful. There could be investigations on the complexity of the necessary solution. There could be insufficient information in the feature or bug report as presented. Site developers may provide additional comments to request more information or to provide status updates as appropriate to the status of the review, until such time as the decision for approval or decline is made.

Status tags can only be applied by staff and ♦ moderators; the latter will only use this tag as part of the escalation process described here: What posts should be escalated to staff using [status-review], and how do I escalate them?

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