I've been professionally programming for ... a long time ... and I'm still learning new things. My major interests recently are programming models and methods for concurrency/async, esp. testing things involving concurrency/async, applications of functional programming, and doing interesting things with Mathematica.

Also, I have an unreasonable affection for certain computer languages. Including Spitbol, C++, Self, Scheme, awk, FORTH, Erlang, J, Smalltalk, Logo, BLISS, Haskell, and Algol 68.

(And there are a couple I hate with the heat of 1000 O-type stars: XSLT, TeX (considered as a language). I'm not fond of Perl, either. But maybe just with the heat of a few dozen O-type stars.)

FYI, when it comes to coding standards I only have two firm rules:

  1. No hard tabs ('\t' == '\x09') in files.
  2. Files end with a newline.

Other than those two rules, I'll go with whatever the team wants. (Life's too short to worry about it.)

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