I wanted to see articles that had no comments and no answers. I did this search and some of the results that came up had some comments. The question that had comments was How to make a busy file not busy so it can be deleted. rm: filename: Resource busy.

Should I expect this kind of search to work? Is there a work-around?

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    I just realised I hadn't checked how searches using more than one keyword/colon/number work. Maybe there's an implied 'or' rather than an implied 'and'. I'll investigate. Apr 16, 2017 at 0:04

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I believe this is , since comments does not appear to be an actual search operator. We can see this by looking in the upper-right of the search results, where it shows the interpretation of your search terms:

literal comments:0

"Zero answers" is a search criterion, but it's looking for the literal comments:0 string in posts. As far as I know, the on-site search doesn't know anything about comments, unfortunately.

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), on the other hand, does know about comments. You can use this little query I wrote. Note that SEDE isn't continually updated, so there are a handful of questions in there that had activity between the data update and now.

  • Great to learn of SEDE, thank you Ben! Apr 16, 2017 at 1:20

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