A moderator, review voters, etc. initiate a status change of a question to "closed", "off-topic", and so forth. At the moment of the approved change someone was already in the middle of writing an answer (even if the first and only), and their answer was not submitted before the question's status changed.


Does the answerer lose their work entirely or does the system prevent this sort of coincidence from occurring (e.g. giving an error, enforcing a wait); whether at the side that decides to close it for example, or even if in a non-submitted and "auto-saved" or maybe "not auto-saved" state too?

The Wondering Mind Thoughts

I wonder if the "auto-save" configuration for answers being written would make any difference in such an instance. For example, I wonder if they were writing an answer before the time period of the first auto-save, does that make any difference if the auto-save would have already occurred.

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As implied by this MSE answer, if you're in the middle of composing an answer, you get a notification that the question has been closed and is no longer accepting answers. This disables the submit button (client-side only, as of that writing, not sure about now). You can copy out and save the text you've written, since the answering form is still there.

  • Good enough.... If it ever happens to me, I'll try to pay attention and post back and update for you to edit. This was just a thought I had at the time I asked the question so thanks for answering based on the detail you could find that others save posted about on Meta. Commented Jun 30, 2017 at 3:00

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