We've been using the status tags - things like were used for 'internal' SU moderation tasks. At some point, review tags on per site meta get fed into tickets internally.

I feel like a set of tags with the 'same' uses - review, deferred, rejected and completed for MSU moderation and meta moderation tasks would be useful - we wouldn't be stepping on staff toes and it might be an impetus to give a fresh look to stuff we've admittedly let get backlogged like tag removals and such.

Would sound like a good idea or do y'all have suggestions for what to call these?

Advantages here would be

  • it lets us separate things that need our attention from staff attention

  • its an opportunity to try to chew on the backlog a little

  • we can use these tags to filter tasks to do

  • we're not stuck with the standard set. I feel like an for example would be nice for longer term things

  • Sounds good to me.
    – DavidPostill Mod
    Commented Jul 1 at 14:39
  • Are they limited to mod-only tags? Do we want every Meta user able to assign those tasks? Commented Jul 1 at 15:20
  • There's no mechanism to 'restrict' tags to mods only - but if someone starts abusing them, we can remove, warn and/or suspend them I guess. I've no idea if we can request a feature like that, and it feels like something that would need to benefit the wider community. On the short/medium term, we'd discourage non mods from using them?
    – Journeyman Geek Mod
    Commented Jul 1 at 15:22

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Frame Challenge: We don't need to separate mod and CM use of status tags - instead, we should be more discerning in how we apply certain status tags.

Status tags can be loosely grouped into two categories: "final" and "transitional".

The recent CM Community Asks push, which saw massive CM activity on cross-site metas, only updated uses of transitional tags. Most notably on MSU, was the removal of from tag cleanups. Note that questions with [status-completed] and [tag-cleanup-request] were not touched, for example.

Thus, in my opinion:

1. Continue to use 'Final' tags freely

They aren't interfering with ongoing CM work, they allow us to mark stuff as 'done', and they help to filter out completed or declined requests with ease.

2. Use 'Transitional' tags only in specific circumstances

There are occasions where mods adding etc are useful, but probably the most likely use case is when you are simply keeping local bug/feature request posts up to date, when the topic of that post has received a staff response elsewhere e.g. on MSE or MSO, or in a Mod Chat room (and the staff have explicitly stated they're ok with an update being made public!).

For example, I added to Can the review queues respect ignored tags? Arqade, after seeing it applied to Review Queues and Ignored Tags Meta SE.

Note: is a special egg that allows us to raise a post for CM review. So continuing to use that one for that purpose is obvious.

3. We don't need to group by "planned" anyway.

If we are vigilant in applying Final tags, then anything without those tags can be considered as fair game to be considered, worked on, updated, and so on. Filters, like the one I linked earlier, can be used to the same effect as a dedicated 'planned' tag, but with the added benefit of not accidentally excluding ones where was never added. This might require a bit of cleanup on the mod's behalf.

If something requires action but the question and discussion doesn't make it clear: put what needs to happen in an answer, and update that answer with any stats or other updates as you go.

  • Well - part of the impetus for this was slate's review and cleanup of tags. It also means a mod with free time can pull up an appropriate set of tags, or follow them on RSS feeds for a little more efficiency. Some mod tasks - like tag cleanups that're staggered can go on for years
    – Journeyman Geek Mod
    Commented Jul 3 at 5:36
  • @JourneymanGeek Yeah, I figured this meta was coming from a place after seeing Slate's removal of [status-planned]. And I completely understand the use case of an 'in progress' tag, but I think there are other options (notably, filters). I have this saved as a filter on MSU, and similar filters configured on Arqade Meta for managing tag cleanup and other requests too.
    – Robotnik
    Commented Jul 3 at 5:40

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