The Super User homepage just turned light blue for me, due to lots of hard-drive tags (which I have marked as a favourite). The reason was that a user had added the fastboot tag to a bunch of posts.

"Fastboot" is a bit of a strange term - should we just replace it with the existing "boot" and/or "performance" tags, where appropriate?


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In the context of it's current use: No.
I think this was a case of a single user simply trying to use the term "fastboot" in an unusual way.

Given the absence of any other posts using the tag, I've done a straight merge from to , as that seems to be the gist of what they were after, and as such the four questions have now been changed behind the scenes.

Please note that I have not created a synonym at this time.

  • Thanks - it's unlikely that it'll pop up again anyway.
    – sblair
    Jun 2, 2011 at 16:45

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