Based on the comments in superuser.com Logo Vote and this mock up I thought it worth canvassing opinions on the subject.

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I like the logo - in fact, seeing as it was chosen by a vote, I'm betting that the majority of initial users will as well. I would've picked a bit of a paler blue, but maybe my eyes are just a bit too used to the soothing greys of Meta.

  • i also think the logo looks great in my bookmark bar, it the best looking one actually... :-) – Sander Versluys Jul 27 '09 at 16:53

Personally I think the logo is uninspiring and the blue and black is a bit... old-fashioned. The blue in the mock up (if accurate) is not attractive.


The colors are peaceful and soothing.


I'm not a big fan, I just about asked "why does the superuser logo suck?" on here. I suppose a lot of people liked it though, so that wouldn't be nice. I like the colors. I don't think that guy looks super, he looks pretty glum.


I like it, somewhat. I find the colours pleasing to the eye, inviting, and friendly. However, the ['} seems a little too dotcom for me - like the logos of the long forgotten websites of the dotcom boom and bust era.

Out of the options available for voting, it is undoubtedly the best option, but I think there could be better. However, I'm no graphic designer or marketing guru, so I doubt I could improve on it much. Unlike Stack Overflow and Server Fault, I find it hard to conceptualize the name to an image for Super User - all that springs to mind is a needle and I think that's the wrong message.

I should add that I wasn't around to take part in the vote and therefore, probably am not worthy to comment, but the logo with a cursor inside a star seems a better image to go next to the current text.

Of course, it's important to give due reverence to the declarations made when the vote was announced where Jeff stated:

I do not put a lot of stock in crowdsourcing design feedback (the poll winner may not “win”), but it will factor some in our final decision.

So, I doubt this thread matters much other than as a place to vent at our inability to effect a change.


I liked the colors and like the logo too much, just one thing i don't like about the logo that its not in the same way as his brothers "SO,SF"


I like the colours and style of the site, but I don't like the logo.


I voted for the logo and I still like it. Jeff made the decision process extremely visible on the blog. I find SuperUser exciting, having been on ServerFault and StackOverflow for a while.